Sup, The Pit. Nice to see you guys again. About a month ago I made a thread mentioning that I'm going to Italy and some people said I should make an update thread and post some pictures of the trip. So I thought I'd do that. I'll upload some pictures of my own once my sister uploads them. The pic below is a common one, but something I saw.

I've been gone for about two weeks in Italy and I'm finally back in my home town and it's the first time I've been on the internet since I left.

First off; here's a few things about Italy:

1. The women are BEAUTIFUL. I've never seen so many beautiful women in my life. I went to Rome, Sorrento, Venice, Orvieto, Tavernuzze, Naples (very briefly), Volterra and Pisa. It's like you're seeing women all the time as beautiful as Jamie Lynn Sigler or Marisa Tomei.

2. Food wasn't too impressive. I might get shit for saying this, but I wasn't too blown away by the food. And the Pizza isn't that great, nor is it that different from American Pizza.

3. Most beautiful scenery I've seen in my life. This photo is a common photo of the Amalfi coast. We drove down it and it was the day I enjoyed the most. I saw all this shit.

I also saw the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Colosseum, and other stuff too.

So discuss Italy. Any of you ever been there?

What do you guys think of it?

Also, fuck Italian train stations.
Did you get laid?

edit: I mention this because you said you were gonna try
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Sounds like you had an awesome time.
I'd love to go there and Europe in general, France especially since my dad was from France. I'll go there one day, hopefully while I'm still young.
ITT: TS thinks people actually give a shit about his trip.
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No rejection, but I was around family too much to try.

Oh well.

I've never had much of an interest in Italy myself. It'd be nice to visit some old ancient Roman sites, but meh. I choose Spain.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
Definitely the number one country I want to visit in the future.
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No pictures of the women? That might be a little creepy though...
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ITT: TS thinks people actually give a shit about his trip.

Aren't you the same guy that went into a hissy fit in a thread the other day because you thought people were being disrespectful of your opinions and attacking you for them?

Yeah, fuck off.

On-Topic- The Amalfi Coast is BEAUTIFUL. It's a life goal of mine to drive through those streets in a slick sports car

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