Hello UG. I've recently been looking into getting a new amp because I'm sick of my old one: it was complete shit. I'll be using it almost exclusively for bedroom practice, minus the occasional jam with a bassist and possibly another guitarist. I don't gig at all and no one I know plays the drums, so I don't need a ton of volume. My main concern is finding an amp capable of a decent tone.

I'm looking for something for punk, rock, alternative, hard rock-ish tones, such as those found in the following: Almost - Bowling For Soup, Fat Lip - Sum 41, (nice sounds but don't think I'd be able to get anything close to that. I can dream, right? xD), and/or something like Thrice's tone (any of their songs, they all sound good xD).

Clean tones aren't very important: I'm not nit picky with it and can probably make something satisfactory for myself. xD I'm not a fan of the classic rock sounds either.

Price isn't really a problem but I don't want to spend a ton of $$$ (1k+) since I'm just a casual player.

Prefer new but wouldn't mind getting it used if it's not in THAT bad condition. xD

Current gear: Sucks. xD Schecter Omen-6, no amp currently (sold my god awful line 6 spider III), Line 6 M9 (still iffy if I want to keep this or not).

Thanks for any suggestions.
You're willing to spend up to 1k?

Def look at the Egnater Rebel 30 or the Blackstar HT20.

A used JCM 800 combo + OD?
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Orange baby!!! or Mesa!!! Do it right. Orange dual terror + cab, or a mesa dual rectifier. That will get it done.
Well ideally I'm not looking to spend that much, maybe around 400-500 max. But if I do in fact return my M9, that would be another 400 I could use towards an amp.

As stated I'm not looking for a head, I'm looking for a nice combo amp. Any more suggestions?