I probably won't get many people here, but I need to try every outlet I can find.

Drummer needed for a three piece Christian-influenced rock band in the Huntington Beach/Garden Grove area, age 17-24 and willing to commit to a band.

Please send an e-mail to set up a time to hang-out/jam with you. In your e-mail, please list stuff like your favorite bands/bands you like, how long you have been playing drums, what church you attend, your contact information, and whatever other information you wish to provide.

Bands We Sound Like:
Switchfoot (Early Years), Hawkboy, Audio Adrenaline, Early Hawk Nelson, etc.
(riff based music, issue based lyrics)

Bands We Like:
Switchfoot, Relient K, Emery, As Cities Burn, Hawkboy, David Crowder Band, The Almost, Death Cab For Cutie, Hawk Nelson, The Myriad, Phoenix, MxPx, Yes,
mewithoutYou, Thrice, The Chariot, Arctic Monkeys, Pedro the Lion/David Bazan/Headphones, Listener, Levi the Poet, Brand New, Rush, Bomb the Music Industry!, etc.

About us: We are two good friends who have played together with several worship bands, from in-house bands to a traveling group. This time, we are looking go beyond christian worship music. We go to college group at Calvary Chapel Refuge in Huntington Beach, and our beliefs are partially inspired by 1 John 4: "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God". We both love Jesus Christ and know Him as Lord and Savior and desire to follow Him in what we do. We want to have a good time and do what we are passionate most about - music. Although this isn't to say that it's gonna be us two and then you as a hanger-on, we want to be able to connect and create great stuff together, then hopefully play some shows and see what happens from there.

Thanks for reading!
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I don't see any reason why the drummer has to believe in jesus to be in your band, unless you want him to write lyrics.
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Why does the drummer have to be Christain?
Isn't that alittle discriminatory?
What would you do if say, a Muslim or Hindu drummer showed up and played an epic drum line and did every thing awesome ever possible on the drums that you just HAD to have in your band?
its about being like minded. we want to connect with the person we are going to play with on as many levels as possible, and believing in the same thing is very much a necessary thing. If you were about to be in a band with someone, wouldn't you want to connect with someone on something that is a large part of your life? I don't see how that's discriminatory. Plus, its up there in the ad, we want them to contribute to the music, which can mean lyrics.
right hand signifies strength, left hand signifies stealth. I'm ambidextrous.