ok so i was just thinking. my current cab is decent, i like the way it sounds and it works for me. (4x12 mesa, mesa speakers) also, it has like a sheet of wood that divides the 2 sets of speakers into their own compartments. so theoretically its like 2 stacked 2x12s.

so i was thinking, would it sound that different if i got a 2x12 cab with good metal speakers (like v30s or K100s)?

and i know cab qaulity is important but if Im playing mainly metal, will i notice a difference between like a avatar contemporary 212 vs like a mills acoustic 212?

and of these mid-high end 2x12s, which would be best for a mainly metal application?

bogner OS 2x12
mills acoustic 2x12
port city OS 2x12
port city 2x12
emporer 2x12
orange closed back 2x12
mesa rectifier 2x12
mesa stiletto 2x12

and just for clarifacation, not like br00tz chuggachugga, more like straight trasth/metalcore. think trivium, bfmv, metallica and such.
i have an orange ppc212, same specs as a contemporary avatar 2x12, love it and it does brutals well enough (would refer to a cover on my profile, but it seems to have vanished).

i think you'll like k-100's, i used them back in the day. they sound a bit sterile but do some good brutals. maybe get a k-100 with a v30, that is popular combo for modern metal sound.

the larger the closed backcab, the more low end (due to lowering the speaker's resonance freq) so that is your call.

unfortunately i haven't played a mills audio cab so i can't compare it to the contemporary cab.
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from what ive heard in audio comparisons, i like K100s more than V30s, but i still like V30s.

but then again I like EMGs too
The Mills Acoustics have a very tight tone, as do the Mesa Stilettos. You can also try the cabs from ENGL.
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Vintage 30's mixed with K100's = pure eargasm.

that is what use mostly for my splawns. really heavy and really strong thick bottom with slighlty lower mids, with a more well rounded treble peak than straight V30 4x12"
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well id be looking towards a more boomy 2x12, because my peavey could be more boomy....

oh how are splawn cabs too?

and so far im leaning towards the OS bogner cab and OS port city cab it seems