I realize that this might not be the best place to ask, but I figured I'd give it a try.

I'm looking for a good HiFi/audiophile forum, or just someplace that I can learn a lot about the different speakers and amplifiers and stuff, something like U.G. for HiFi, a place that has guides and stuff.

I realize I could easily just google search, "HiFi Forums" but that doesn't really tell me anything about which community is the most helpful or most informed, etc.

So can anybody help me? And to keep this gear related I'm going to be buying a mic soon to mic up my amp. $100 budget. I realize Shure SM57 is the go to mic, but are there any others I could be overlooking? Anything that's decent for vocals too?

And if a Mod needs to move or delete this thread I understand.
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SM57 is great for live cab micing and does live vocals OK, too. Most prefer SM58 for vocals, but the difference is miniscule.

For most genres you can forget about the SM57 for recording vocals; you'll need a large diaphram condenser for that. Those are also great to add to the mix in addition to the SM57 track for some extra ambience for your guitar recording, too. As for LDC recommendations, I'd go with the sE2200a from Ryan Sloan at Sweetwater. Basically, many consider it the most bang for the buck, and sE is the only mic maker in China who only makes their own mics and not just random brands; also, they use many of the same components in this affordable mic as they do in their mics costing thousands. Ryan can tell you more, or help you choose among other options, too.

Lately I've switched to routing the guitar straight into the console and recording it dry; and sending that signal back out through the console's sub output to the FX/amp rig so I can hear what I'm playing, and record it back through another channel, in case I like it enough to keep it. Otherwise I can use the dry track to re-amp.

As for the forums you're looking for, I can't help, other than to say you can get a lot of good info from Harmony Central.com or Gearslutz.
don't go looking for hi fi forums till you have a lot more money to spend.

you'll just get sad.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer