There is so much more going on,
behind this shining face!
A smiling face
but the mind is living in another place!

Good in pretending like everything Is alright,
But deep inside there is a so much pain!
Nobody sees this pain,
Maybe I am just to pride to show the world…

My pain stay’s unspoken,
and my heart is crying,
all messed up
and so damn broken

So many questions into my head
But there is no respons.
I am throught with it
But why I should give it all up.

Lost in everything
but I am still living.
I just want to run away,
But there is no place to hide!

Secrets in my eyes,
And nobody knows.
Secrets in my heart.
I will never show!


Please tell me what you guys think

My only problem with it is that it has no structure. There is no chorus that's repeated to make it catchy. I love the rhyme scheme though, especially in the 1st stanza.