Hey guys. I'm new to the acoustic forum.

So I have been a electric/acoustic player for years. I don't have a classical, but seeing as I'll be getting a job this summer, I'd like to get one. I don't want one that is some entry, cheap, bad sounding one, so I came here. If anyone can recommend me one (up to maybe $600-ish?), that'd be fantastic. I do like the look of natural wood tops so if that helps at all..
I have a yamaha classical that was around 350 and I love it. I've also played a good amount of other yamaha classicals and you really can't go wrong with them.
Definatley a Cordoba C7. They make one with electronics for $599 and I think its $499 without the pickup. Also you can get them in cedar or spruce tops.
my dad has a Gibson classical guitar, im not sure what it is exactly but only 250 of them were made so good luck getting one lol also they are way more than $600 but it is an amazing guitar
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I have a $200 Briarwood guitar? I don't know, it's in the guitar's soundhole. It plays fantastic, was my first guitar like 4 years ago and I still own it, it chills in DADGAD tuning these days. Just play some guitars that feel comfortable to you, they don't always have to be super expensive, although generally expensive=better most of the time. Try stuff out though.

My 2 cents.