So, my dad is a Major in the U.S. Army, and he's deployed to Afghanistan and has been shot at and mortared every day since he arrived. He is fighting for my country, and these Westboro Baptist Church lunatics would protest his funeral and blame his dead on homo sex. (makes total sense, right? :P) So, in honor of Fred Phelps and his congregation of bigots, here's a song for them. Thank you...

"Westboro" by Hold Fast Hope on SoundCloud
I can't understand the lyrics most of the time

The song is not brutal and emotional enough I'd say
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Way to go. Good stuff. Might want to post the lyrics; some of them get lost in the mix...

Thanks for your sacrifice for our freedom. We'll keep our fingers crossed for your father's safe return.
Thanks guys! Here's the lyrics:

My father fought for the right
For you to protest his funeral
He would die for you to desecrate his grave
You forget that God loves all His children
He hates the sin, not the sinner
And though I'm not the closest to Him
I know that someone needs to shut you up

You're not Christian
(God doesn't kill, He only oversees)

I could never become a queer
But I'll love one if it'll piss you off
I'll love all my neighbors
Gay, straight, black, white, Jew, Mormon, Catholic
You miss the message
God doesn't kill, He only oversees

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus 2x
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The vocals are sort of hit or miss... they sometimes sound pretty awesome, but sometimes don't jam very well. The music, though, is really cool. There are a lot of sweet riffs in there and the solo at the end fits well. The rest of my qualms are production/mixing based, so not too much to worry about. Good job!

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The above is true.

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Pretty good man, obviously an issue close to your heart and it shows in the song. Cool solo at the end. I like the production, sounds raw and energetic but everything is still clear. Kudos!

And while we're on the subject I'm sorry but America isn't fighting for freedom in the middle east

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And while we're on the subject I'm sorry but America isn't fighting for freedom in the middle east

I totally agree. We're fighting to keep our homeland free. We shouldn't be the world's police force. Thanks for the crit! I'll check out your stuff.

shugga shugga shugga. reminds me of some old school NOFX or something. OH there da vocals . Somethin about the production over all lacks the grit that it seems like you want. You want to grit? gimme some unorthodox soudns and stuff! We like that breakdown with the crackly vocals and stuff. Keep at it you are gettin at the good stuff be proud of your work!

Have alisten to my music over here BUDDY!!!!

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