Written up until singing comes in.
I wrote this on Guitar Pro 6, so it may not have exported to Guitar Pro 5 very well...
I'm also at a loss for what chord to play/ key to change the guitar to or at the end, any suggestions would be appreciated.
Leave a link for C4C
As for how it exported, the clean guitars were linked with the piano, same with the lead and the acoustic, but anyways, I attached the GP5 of it unlinked for you if you want.

Now to the crit:

So far for the beginning, I like it. Has that Explosions in the Sky kind of feel. I might suggest using tremolo picking for lead notes at bar 5, 6, 7, etc. That might sound kind of cool. The piano at bar 17, that chord doesn't sound right. It's weird, it sounds good, but at the same time it doesn't. All in all though, I like it so far.

I definitely like the solo at 33, it had a deserty kind of feel, and it worked well with the chords. The "Distortion" and verse 1 part just didn't really flow for me. I felt like it was too much going on at once and it didn't really work well. I felt like the too-much-instruments kind of sound would work well with maybe like a chorus or some sort of break, but with the verse I think you should keep it clean, not really with less instruments, but just with less notes.

I'm not too sure where you could go from there, I'd suggest playing it on guitar and playing along, then when it comes to the unfinished part, just keep playing and see what happens, maybe something good will come.

Also, I noticed you had no percussion? Maybe it was the export, but... Yeah I think you might wanna add that. :P It might help keep the flow.

Great work!

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Thanks for the crit! already crit'd yours, and thanks for including the redone file.
For some reason on the piano chords a single note was changed. I'm also totally redoing the part from distortion on. Also I had a drum part but left it out cos it sounded kinda bad (I'm a guitarist not a drummer).