01. Pathways Of Evolution: Event 1 - Machine (08:40)
02. Pathways Of Evolution: Event 2 - Mechanical Dreams (06:52)
03. Pathways Of Evolution: Event 3 - A Grand Tragedy (05:51)
04. Contact (08:09)
05. Revelation Space: Death, Rebirth, Departure (06:49)

"Pathways Of Evolution" is going to be our first official release, we had a small hiatus when our guitarist (me) was in a car accident, and once we got back together we made some changes and got our shit rolling again.

This will be free, and all of the recording has been done in house on an almost literal zero-dollar budget. A lot of time has gone into making these songs sound professional and top quality, mostly with help from this site and a few others, and the end product does not sound like we made it with the budget we had.

The first three songs are separate "events" which are interconnected with subliminal lyrical tie-ins and follow a common theme self-awareness and humanity. The last two songs are individual journeys, "Contact" being about the book/ movie of the same name, and "Revelation Space" being a three movement instrumental following an evolving emotional path.

We were also giving a very generous review by UG's own "Two metal guys"
(although the name is mispelled!)

Links are all at the bottom, although they are not the finished versions, they are pretty damn close! Subscribe to us on youtube, like us on facebook, follow us on SoundCloud, anything helps and is much appreciated!
Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


You only exist because we allow it,
And you will end because we demand it.