Poll: What is your general opinion of lawyers?
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It is generally a good one
12 39%
It is generally a bad one
9 29%
****, I'm high...
10 32%
Voters: 31.
What do you think of lawyers?

I know that, generally, lawyers are known for not really being liked by the public. However, I thought this was a bit of a ridiculous stereotype when I was younger because my dad was a lawyer and he was liked by a lot of people.

Now I've grown up, I've lived through a fair number of life events, and I'm starting to understand why lawyers get their hate. I've met some wonderful lawyers, some devilish lawyers, and some pretentious law students who give me homocidal tendencies.

So, personally, my opinion of them is generally a bad one. How about you?
Never met one so have no opinion.
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I've never met a lawyer in a lawyering situation before.

I know this guy who wants to be a lawyer though, and his parents are lawyers. The whole family is really kind and generous.
Mom used to work for one, and he was an alright guy, so good.
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The two lawyers I know work fucking hard, and ridiculous hours. And I know that most other lawyers do the same. I respect them for how hard they work, but I don't really know enough about exactly what they're doing to say 'oh, they're good/bad'.. They do a job. It's an important job.
I'm starting my law study in two months, so I can become a lawyer. All of you who say lawyers are bad: I will sue you. Right now.
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I'm starting my law study in two months, so I can become a lawyer. All of you who say lawyers are bad: I will sue you. Right now.

Except you can't sue us based purely on something we said on the Internet.
[dropped out of law school]

I respect lawyers, but I hope never to need them. I've heard some of them work from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening... Props for dedication.
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There are good ones and bad ones. Overall I'd rather have them than be without them, though.
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December 14, 2017
Lawyers are just like people; there are good ones and there are bad ones.
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I recently changed attorneys, because my previous one wanted to settle every single thing out of court, even when I hadn't done anything outside my own rights. Granted, I agreed with him on this for a couple of suits, but it was starting to get ridiculous.

I get sued pretty often.
I have no opinion. But understand why people may hate them if they've ever lost a court case.

Lawyers are people trained to find loopholes and flaws in the law to get their client off the hook, regardless of the charges.
They're always seen as the enemy when not on your side.