Whenever i play the 3rd string on my guitar, most of the time there will be a type of harmonic noise whenever i lift up my fingers, particually on the higher frets. I have ask for suggestions such as doing a complete setup. Thus, i have sent my guitar to have a proper setup. However, even after adjusting truss rod(which i thought was the cause of the problem) and the action, there is still this "shining" harmonic noise that happens. I also noticed that this harmonic noise can also be produced by striking the 3rd string after the bridge(for TOM bridge). Can any1 offer a solution? It becomes a problem when i play chords on the higher frets
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Harmonic noise? That could be somthing as normal as feedback or just striking a harmonic on your guitar by accident. It's probably just a bit of feedback. That's normal if you're playing with a lot of pre and post-gain. But you need to be a bit more specific about what kind of harmoic feedback you're getting.

EDIT: If the feedback is in harmony with the notes you've played, it may well be down to just using too much gain and volume. Or it means you're allowing strings to ring out, in which case, it's a technique problem. Whenever you play with a lot of gain, you need to be careful that adjacent strings don't ring out.

If it's microphonic feedback, the type that screeches and you cannot stop it by muting the strings, it could either be too high volume or in the worst case scenario, your pickups could be microphonic and may need replacing
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Make sure the string is resting properly in the saddle and there aren't any lumps in the metal or sharp edges, those might be restricting the vibrations at the bridge, which can cause a 'striking' high tone.