do you remember any specific time in your life when you developed significantly at guitar? as in went from being mediocre to feeling good about your playing (no matter how long that took).

how old were you? is there any specific event (song, training, an experience etc.) that you specifically remember?
Learning the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine = life for me complete....
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The only times that I notice I got better are duaring shows. I can practice my ass off and ill notice a significant difference only while performing
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i had a huge increase in skill about a year ago then i kind of plateaued and am kind of still there, well im increasing slowly.

I think the thing which has mede me feel better about my playing is more so the compliments i get from people since playing in a band and i guess generally playing guitar to a few more people which has more or less reassured my skill level that i am in fact better than i think i am.

.. that sounds really up my self but whatever...
surprisingly, this happens to me a lot of times when i play guitar for the first time in a few days. back when guitar was my main instrument, i used to play all the time, but these days i spend much more time on banjo and synth, so when i pick up a guitar, it's a lot more refreshing and so i am able to play better than when i force myself to play.
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The only times that I notice I got better are duaring shows. I can practice my ass off and ill notice a significant difference only while performing

I do recall this kind of stuff happening. I think it happened each time I joined a band. I sort of fumbled along at first, it being my first time playing that style in a band setting. Then a wave of competence shot through me and I got awesome again.

Yeah, I've been trying to learn the Sweet Child 'O Mine solo for months but haven't been able to get it. I've been playing three and a half years. When I started it, I could play sixteenth notes at maybe 60 beats per minutes most. I've now got it up to about 100. My speed improved just so quickly. Pretty much in about two weeks.
It's kind of the opposite. I don't remember the points in when I finally got something down... I just remember sucking really bad at first.

Like sweeping.... that first day when I sat down with all those tutorial videos and practiced slowly and slowly and still could not get it down. I was so discouraged. It was an awful feeling
When I was about 16 and I joined my first band - it drove me to challenge myself a lot more with guitar. I'd sit and go out of my way to learn things that were above my skill level. And I developed a lot as a player. I went from a pretty mediocre player to a decent guitarist.
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Less than a year ago when I learned Under A Glass Moon, at least until the sweep tapping part.

The sense of accomplishment when I nailed the parts before the solo.

Then I learned Erotomania. I remembered I was stuck at the part after the first solo for a month, then I took the time to learn the subsequent parts during Lunar New Year (It's tradition to sleep very late on the first day of Lunar New Year) up till 4 in the morning.

Felt pretty good.
When I first started- not being able to play to being able to play is a huge difference.
Apart from that, recently I've got into Vai and A7X and I've found that my soloing has got better, and I learned to sweep pick from playing afterlife
Whenever I come back from holiday or a period away from guitar I'm always pretty chuffed about my abilities.
Nope. I was too impatient so I quit playing guitar about 4-5 years ago.

Keep meaning to get back into it as I've developed a love for blues now. John Lee Hooker, Son House, Elmore James and the such.
when i learned smoke on the water intro riff.

i don't see the point in picking the guitar anymore.
I think I always thought I was good at guitar, and that gradually began to vaguely resemble reality.
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i remember when i was like 5 or something asking my dad why guitarists on tv moved their hands around the neck. that helped me out quite a bit
When I look back at what I couldn't play a year ago, I'm reminded of how much i've improved.
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Every time a learned a more difficult song I got lots better..Crazy train, cliffs of dover, eruption.
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Past week.
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I'd been going for a month or so.

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Once I discovered post rock and black metal I realized I didn't suck that bad; before then all I cared about was prog metal and tech death, which I couldnt' play that well lol. Now I just play Blind Guardian all the time. Took about six or seven years for me to be comfortable though.
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It felt like an overnight change for me. Pretty much once I learned how to play for hours without learning someone else's songs off tabs is when I realized I think I got the hang of 'er!
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Just last month.

I was learning Tommy The Cat on bass, and after about 2 hours I was just like "fuck it "

But I always kept coming back to that riff over the following weeks, and finally, just 2 weeks ago, I picked up my bass and nailed that bitch like a BOSS
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The first time I got into a studio and I realized how much improvement I needed on timing. I never worked with a metronome before that.

Also.. the day I decided that I didn't want to learn any more Blink 182 songs.
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My guitar playing greatly improved the day I started recording.

Exactly the same. Even though they were shitty recordings, done straight into the line in on my soundcard, they still REALLY helped me see where I was going wrong. The first jump was when I progressed from playing to a metronome to playing with backing tracks.
Well, today has just been one of those times. I sat down this morning and heard Stairway to Heaven. The solo came up and I thought "Why the hell have I not tried learning that yet?" Came to the conclusion that it's probably a bit fast for me to learn, but I slowed it down today to about 50 beats per minutes and learnt it. That was about 5 hours ago. I've now got it up to 80 beats per minutes (the recording being 93 if I remember rightly). I have three days off work so I'm going to absolutely nail that solo by then. Very pleased with my progress.
When I discovered Black Sabbath.

When I discovered Joe Satriani and Steve Vai

When I discovered Rory Gallagher (well...I knew of him from being a child, but when I actually discovered him)

When I discovered John Mayer

When I discovered Guthrie Govan

They were the main things which improved me. Of course it hasn't always been in technical proficiency but they've all aided me.
And things like getting into Funk, Jazz, Fusion (most of which from being into Guthrie Govan) have aided me, but not substantially enough to note.
there are several large points i can see that greatly improved my playing:

when i discovered paul gilbert. my brother had this cd laying around called acoustic samurai. i never guitarists could actually get that skilled. it was a great turning point.

the next was when i discovered joe satriani. i never knew guitar could sound so amazing.

after that it was when i finally understood the modal system. then after that was when i buckled down and learned the ending solo from gray pianos flying.
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I guess a few months ago when i learnt the C, A and E shaped barre chords. Nothing huge has happened since =(
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I guess when I started writing my own music which I was actually confidant about.
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Yeah, it's happened maybe four times. I still am a horrible musicain, and I feel like I'm going through that now. I got serious about theory, I've been playing other instruments, and I'm going to start recording.