so my friend has an amp and he doesnt know anything about it. just found it in his closet one day and he said he would sell it to me for 100 or sumthing worth about that much. it is a peavey, it says "nano valve class A tube amp it has a power switch a jack and a volume knob, thats all. its somewhere around 16 inches tall and wide. i turned it on and played it. sounds good with my esp ltd m-200fm but i just want to know exaclty what this amp is about. i mean, any reports of this one jusr crapping out for no reason? is it worth a lot more than 100? just give me some thoughts about it and if i should take this deal. i dont have an amp right now. really hoping this is a good deal for me. thanks to all for any info you can give. oh yea, one last thing. he is giving me a peavey "raptor plus" guitar with it. doesnt look to good but its free with the amp.
i googled it Seems to me that it is a UK model selling for about $80-100 hope it helps looks like a good one to me!

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well, at least i got a tad of info now. so thanks for that small bit. when i googled it i got nothing. my luck.
Jeez, no one remembers this amp? It's an awesome, all tube practice amp. Something like .5W. Lots of fun, sounded great when I borrowed one. cranked up tone without the cranked up volume.
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that sounds like a fair amount of money. new they were going for around that, iirc.
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