Well, I have been trying to talk to friends and other people about this, but It's not helping all that much. So, I thought about who else would have experienced the same issues that I'm going through at the moment and I think out of all people, you guys would understand me more than anyone!

Ok, so I am going to perform a song by myself (on guitar) infront of my school this friday. I have never played infront of anyone besides my friends or family. I am so so soooo nervous about doing this. Just thinking about it gives me that sort of sickening feeling in my stomach. I really need your guys advice to help me with my nerves and how to relax myself! I'm not exactly shy, but I do have stagefright.

If anyone knows what I'm going through right now, It would be you guys for sure!
Please pit, help me!
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Practise for your family? Go outside and practise on the street?
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Just zone out and pretend you're just practicing alone. Or have friends on the front row so you can just focus on them.

Truthfully though, you'll enjoy it. And everyone will be appreciative later
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Lower the mic slightly so you don't have to have your head up if you are singing and try to ignore the crowd. Make sure to take a few good breaths before stepping on stage. Just go up and have fun, it's why we do what we do after all. Just remember, never stop playing. If you make a mistake just play through it.
I'd probably be worrying too if I was on my own, thank GOD I play metal, so I can hide (But not when I do a solo D behind the band for most of the time. Well, i'd play infront of people you don't know and ask them if you were good. 9 times out of 10 they will say your good so take all of the good comments in and believe in yourself. It is gonna be really hard to get up on that stage if you don't believe that you are good.


Even if your not, think you are and give it your all. Some weed or Jack Daniels is the easy way out
Just realise that even if you play and sound bad, one day you and everyone in the crowd witnessing your performance will be dead and the whole thing will eventually be forgotten about.
Or just man up. Im sure if you were a joke then your friends and family would have advised against playing this gig.
Everyone is nervous at some point in their lives! I remember my first gig, I played bass for a local band as their bassist couldn't do a gig. I had only a day to learn the stuff and my primary instrument is guitar, so it was a pretty nerve wracking experience. But once you've done it you feel much better, and it gets easier from there.
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Before i play a gig I drink to calm my nerves and Ive been told I play much better when Im drunk, so its all good..
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Think about it like this:

You're performing for your friends. It doesn't actually matter. If you mess up, you'll have a laugh. If you don't, you are automatically in 12 girls' pants tonight. Just going up and playing displays a lot of confidence and people will respect you.

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Notice how they're still cheering.
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Have a friend join you on stage as a rhythm guitarist?
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Have a friend join you on stage as a rhythm guitarist?
Just make sure it's not Hugh Grant.

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Just make sure it's not Hugh Grant.

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sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
I have the same problems, but I perform a few times per year, and I got used to it.
The thing that made me the most nervous was, when I was going through the piece I was performing in my head and I couldn't recall all the notes, because a big part in my memory was kinestetic. And that lead to me thinking about that part during the performance, and I messed up.

When you learn a piece/song kinestetically, visually, audibly and theoretically, there will be no more fear. If you can picture every fret you have to put your finger on to play that song, you'll feel better.
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Usually once you get started the nerves will go.

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