Hey UG

So recently I've been hunting shops for a lovely new acoustic guitar.

My question is, can the same model, with the same set-up have a completely different feel?

I've played a fair few acoustics recently, and I remember playing a £500 Tanglewood in my local shop, and then playing the exact same one, with a very similar set-up in a shop further away. The second made me want to buy it, but the first was nothing special. (I can't remember what model it was, but I played both within a week of each other about 2 months ago).

Does anybody else find that even the same model guitar has a completely (and I mean difference between buying and spitting on) different feel and tone?
Yes, If a guitar is handmade in anyway, there is room for human error which means every neck or every body shape could be slightly different.
Can be that you've had a more pleasant experience dealing with the second shop. *shrug*

I suppose that the same models, with roughly the same kind of set-up could feel very different compared to each other.
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i've played lots of guitars that were the same make and model but sounded different. there are various reasons for that - first off, wood is an organic material, and at this price range, they don't tap tune the guitar tops, so that can easily cause a big difference in tone.

if it's a humid day, that can make the guitars sound very different, and it would change the action. i've played some of the same guitars at one store i go to where they don't humidify and aren't far from the beach, and sometimes the humidity there hits 65% or even 70%. when that happens, the action on the guitars is higher and they sound different than on at say the closest guitar center to there, which keeps their acoustics at a steady 40% to 45% humidity.

if a store restrings a guitar with different strings, particularly a different gauge, hat could make it sound and feel different.

and some guitar companies are more consistent than others when it comes to set up. for that matter, sometimes a company will have used plastic saddles for a particular guitar, and will change to bone, or vice versa, which will make the ones with bone sound very different than the ones with plastic. we don't get tanglewood here, so i have no real experience to guess.
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Thanks guys, good to know i'm not just strange.

The main reason for this question was to make sure I don't just go to a guitar shop knowing what model I like, and buying it. I think I'll hunt around until I find the perfect guitar, and maybe compare a few shops with that model in.
good idea. i played 15 blueridge br-341's - the 16th was the one that sounded so good to me that i bought it. and it's so much fun trying 'em out
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
If you want a perfect example of this "phenomenon", just play a bunch of Gibsons that are the same model.
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