so this is supposed to be a bridge which enters right after a soft kind of chorus....
and then go back to the chorus progression but this time with a guitar solo on it...
what do you think? i C4C of course
And it would be awesome if someone can make the drums sounds better.... or a lot better
part 5.2.gp4
part 5.2.gp5
part 5.2.mid
I like it, I think the problem is the guitars didn't flow well with the rest of the song. You've got to make both the guitars connect with each other and make the whole song sound a bit less messy. Other than that, it's a pretty solid track.

I took a shot at the drums for you, only up to bar 9. Something I learned with metal is that the drums follow the guitar, it sounds a lot better that way. If you were doing something that was punk, it's a totally different drum style in which the guitars follow the drums. Get what I mean? So I think you can see what I was going at with the drums there and it'll be good practice.

Good luck!

part 5.2.gp5
This isn't a style I usually listen to, but I think it's very well composed. I like the melody and atmosphere, and all the changes to 9/8 feel very natural. I really don't have any complaints.

C4C? The link is in my sig.
That solo was beautiful. No need to change a thing about it. To be honest, I felt the whole melody was tight. The strings made it dramatic, the drums made heavy and the rhythm guitar made it deep.
The pre-solo part loses the tension you built in the interlude. I think you should do something with the strings in there, not just silence them.
No complains about the interlude. Sounds good to me.

thank you both, i'll get back to critic yours...
vsdornelas i think you are right about the pre-solo part, i'll try something with the strings on it
the acoustic guitar has a nice melody, but i think you should change the instrument. the solo was quite nice. the first measure seemed unnessesary. i think you should change the 9/8 measures back to 4/4 and not hold the bend as long, cause thats the main reason thoughs measures are an eighth note longer. id like to see it finished though, its nice so far.
hey thank you
and yes you are right about the 9/8, already changed it....the song is done, i'll post it in a while