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Pro Tools
3 30%
5 50%
2 20%
0 0%
Voters: 10.
After writing 40 songs on Guitar Pro and listening to too much NIN lately I've decided:

I'll start recording.
I've an electric and an acoustic guitar, plus a cheap keyboard.

Trying out Cubase for the first time, I'm overwhelmed.
Thus, I'm buying a book with rec tutorials or sth like the Pro Tools Courseware.

Or printing the manual. I really can't stand reading from a monitor.

BUT----Which software should I go with?
I understand the steep learning curve and I'm willing to put the effort.
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if you've just decided to start recording for the first time, get the free trial of Reaper before you do anything. i own Cubase, Acid, and FL Studio, and honestly... i still prefer reaper for the pure simplicity. its incredibly powerful once you start digging deeper and holds its own against the big boys which are full of useless features.

anyway...! if you've already done recording, then its a matter of personal preference and how you like your layout/what features you need. but yeah, really. i second the motion for spending the majority of your money on a good setup
Give Ableton Live a shot, and definitely get a good mic.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Well, i use Ableton Live which i think it pretty damn good. although ive heard most people dont really like it as a DAW and prefer the fact you can use it for DJing.
IMHO, Pro tools or Cubase would be a good option although you need to have an audio interface to use Pro Tools which is quite annoying
Btw, I have Reaper but i dont really think much of it. although it is free which might be a deciding factor
Edit: i would like to say that also you should spend most of your money on a good setup (mics, Stands etc) Not that i would like to be promoting this but you can always torrent software. on a side note, i use Ableton, FL Studio, Reaper, and Reason
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If you have money and a beast of a computer, get Pro Tools 9 (the nine can run through your computer's sound card). Pro Tools is the industry standard for digital recording.

Cubase is cool, but it is built for midi sequencing more than recording, so if you're gonna dish out a lot of money, get the Pro Tools.

I'd suggest getting somthing simpler and lower budget to start out.