At zero, the guitar is silent. As I roll the tone knob towards 10, I get a lot of noise\static in the signal. Any ideas? Is this a grounding issue?
Hmm okay, is it hooked up to the same multi plug as any PC/laptops, phones or other speakers? My amp picks up static and stuff if I have it in the same multiplug as my laptop so I have to stick it else where.

Other than that, I'm a bit out of ideas, I'm not that well versed in the actual workings of guitar electronics, but thought I'd throw a few ideas out there that have caused the same issue for me, just in case it was the same for you.
It's a new build guitar. My PRS doesn't have this problem at all. I'm thinking it might be a grounding issue, but before I re-solder everything, I thought I'd look for other input.
Problem goes away if I put my finger on the cable that goes to the amp. Probably a grounding issue there? Any fixes?
grounding issue...check the wires leading to From that pot...also..I was going to suggest getting an electrical cleaner and cleaning out that pot..but the re-soldering should fix it..
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Def a grounding issue, if the other pot is okay check the solders on that one, redo your groundings on the pot and check closely the cap's solder just in case
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