I have not lived. I will regret the moments I neglected without any reason.
It’s enough, I have just started to break out of my shell and now I’m pushing through the smoke that represents my vision of life. My vision is darkened, twisted and sick. The person I am writing to was me. Now I am writing to you. Old routines can kick in any second if we don’t shine.
“Blind” person…
You live life in your fake made up boundaries. Your thoughts get stuck and you can’t process any further. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be? Was this life and is this what I really am? Or who am I?
You know you don’t belong here. Still your mind tends to bend every thought and corrupt them.
You belong here…
Live in dullness, the meaning of life? Nothing really matters anymore. You can’t feel the urge to push up. When you do feel like you are high as a mountain something will push you down in the blink of an eye. You don’t care anymore... You have gotten used to it and every time it happens it hurts less and less...
You think…
Are you wrong? Are they right?
People will try to bend you and break you. Persuade you!
If you only ask yourself is this good for me? The answer will be there immediately.
The heart is what’s true; the mind can be fooled and broken.
Society pushes us down. HE HAS MORE POWER
Greed, Power, Money…
If you have that you are happy!
Blindness of life. Push through the damn barrier and live NOW not LATER. Look, feel, smell and BREATHE. Follow your heart and your soul. Our generation is lost and forsaken.
We need help. It is not ok! You are yourself