hello ug forumers i am simply stumped on what guitar to get here are my options.

schecter hellraiser solo 6 (a bit pricy but vry nice anyway)

schecter omen extreme 6 fr (nice and cheap and im into the floyd rose)

schecter blackjack atx c 1(im a big schecter fan )

esp horizon fr ii (beutiful guitar)

ibanez s5470q (yus thats a silly name but briliant guitar )

so thats it which 1. some of those are expensive but i dont mind saving for a better quality instrument .
i like to play metal,core,rock,hard rock, and blues.wich is the better 1.
I'd personaly go with the HorizonII but only with the duncans, Im not a fan of actives. The neck on the esp is real comfortable IMO.
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If you're asking for my opinion, the Ibanez.

The opinion that should matter the most to you when buying gear for yourself, however, is you. Which do you like best? Go put your hands on them and play them, then decide.
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i have the hellraiser hardtail and it plays like a dream. not everyone is into actives so try it out before hand to see how u feel about em. but everything about this guitar feels right for me. the solo is a little heavy in my opinion but tonewise they r pretty much the same. the omens feel a little "cheaper" to me. and floyds r tricky and annoying if you rnt used to them so unless u have another guitar for alternate tunings, i'd go with a hardtail
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The Horizon II or S5470

This. I'm not even sure why the Schecters are in there - Any ESP or Ibanez Prestige will shit all over any schecter.

That said, their necks are pretty different... can you try them out?
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In my opinion, the ESP. It's up to you really though.

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ESP, no doubt about that. Highest quality guitar of them all, and comes with decent pickups straight away.
You might prefer the feel if the Ibanez though. Test befor you buy.
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Quote by JELIFISH19
The Horizon II or S5470

This ^^
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