Hi there.

US made jackson SL2H for sale

Black finish with the shark-teeth fret inlays

Excellent condition absolutely no scratches or dings, I take very good care of my guitars (although a tiny bit of paint has flaked off the bottom of the neck pickup holder, could easily be replaced)

Comes with a 37mm tungsten sustain block fitted (**********) The back plate doesn't quite fit on with it, but this doesn't interfere at all (I'd rather have the higher mass than the backplate which does nothing)

Backplate screws missing, although backplate is there (as above, I don't bother with the backplate). Also doesn't have the original block, although does have a second block (the material of which I'm unsure of). The stock ones are crap anyway.

Comes with hard-case

No pics as of yet, will try to get some uploaded tomorrow (at which point I'll also put it on ebay). If you want a pick of it, this is the model I own: http://www.gak.co.uk/en/jackson-sl2h-soloist-black/38264

These guitars (and blocks) rarely sell in the UK.

I'm looking for £1400 for it (w/o postage) but am willing to negotiate. Also available to pick up from Leicester.