I'm just getting into guitar, and in a few songs there are chords, for instance F#, that require you to press e,B, and E at the same time. I can get e and E, but I think the e string is too high off the fretboard. Is this normal for guitars? See attached picture.

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All I want is a yes or no: is this normal? Or is the B string too low? Or both?
Thanks a bunch. From what I read, the B string is too low, and I think a few more are borderline. Is there any way to adjust it or do I need to take it to a shop?
If you have one slot that's cut too deep, the standard "quick and dirty" fix is to fill the slot with a combination of super-glue and baking soda or bone dust and then re-cut the slot properly.
I've done this and it isn't too hard but you have to know what you're doing when re-cutting the slot. It has to be angled properly and be of the right size. Luthiers use special nut-slot files for the job.

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How bad do ya think you could frack it up?
"e" slot not only looks short; but too wide. Looks like it's a generic nut. That; or the worker at the factory fell asleep/forgot to cut the e-slot to spec.

If in doubt...take it to the Luthier/set-up guy/gal and get it done right. Yer fingers will appreciate it