I was recently playing a gig, when halfway through the second song of our 7 song set, I snapped the B string on my guitar. As luck would have it, this was the ONLY gig I had managed to forget a spare guitar, AND my spare set of strings. After the second song, the vocalist called out for anyone who had a spare B string, or a spare guitar we could use to finish the set, and no one (There were 6 bands supporting us) moved.

I was beginning to think that perhaps I was just overzealous in thinking that someone would actually let me borrow a guitar for a set, as I would not lend out my good one for another band. However when the next band came on, they had 5 guitars waiting in a rack to the side of the stage. Not only this, their drummer then broke a snare near the end of their set (Just because he's one of those guys that hits like a monster), and the other bands leapt up and handed him a brand new snare without any hesitation.

So relating to that, how do you guys feel about lending out your equipment during gigs? Do you think one of the other bands should have lended me a spare guitar/string? Would you? Or is it just expecting too much?

tldr; How do you feel about lending gear during gigs?
I only have one amp and one guitar. Both cost over £1000 each. No one's touching them for shit.
If my bands playing somewhere local to us we'll usually provide the backline if any of the other bands want to use it, I snapped a string a few days ago and the headliner's guitarist happily lent me his, I've lent and been lent stuff on stage. I don't see why people get so righteous about not doing it.
It would depend on what it was and who was using it.

Like. My guitar is fairly solid, there's minimal chance of anyone who isn't too wild breaking it, so I'd let someone borrow it if it was needed and have once or twice, but that was to a friend.

My amp I'd be a bit more worried about, cos it's not as simple as a guitar would be to fix if something went wrong. Plus people often don't think simple things like "The head needs to be connected to the cab before I switch it one" so there's a heightened sense of fear.

If I had a bass amp (I'm constantly borrowing gear of people I know for the band I'm bassist for) I'd let people borrow that as it wouldn't be a priority and would probably be cheap.

Though then again, if the person's obnoxious or a douche or something I'd tell them exactly where to go.
I lend out my gear when it's really needed and the guy's actually nice. A while ago at a band-festival type gig one guy's amp just called it quits, and I immediately ran up to the stage with my amp, saving his ass. He looked quite happy. His band was actually good though, and he seemed like a nice enough guy.
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In my city the headlining band has to provide the drum kit minus snare and cymbals If someone snaps a string then people offer their guitars without you even needing to ask. Maybe my city's just nice.
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I have lent people my gear before. Theres probably nothing that they could do to it, that I haven't already, and most guys will repay the favour.

I broke a string, and borrowed a guys guitar to finish the set on, before, no problems. At another gig, that I saw his band play, HE broke a string, so I returned the favour. I don't see any problem with it.

Also, related note, a guy let me use his Engl Powerball, because I said it sounded incredible.
only friends. when my friend's schecter was in the shop I let him borrow mine for a few shows. but never someone I don't know. you can never be too careful. amps on the other hand, I would, but I would set it up and make sure no one ****s with it. my friend let some kid set up his dual rec half stack and the kid sit it wrong and blew a couple tubes, right before they went on.
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A friend of mine once told me about this one time when he was taking a leak, the band's guitarist that was currently performing broke a string and thought it was ok to just grab his guitar without asking anyone, not even the other band members.

But yeah I understand why someone would not want to lend their their gear but I would do it (well not my number 1 guitar) but pretty much anything else
Guitar- yeah, probably. Most people are more worried about damaging my guitars than I am, but If I knew they had a very energetic performance style I might think twice.

Amp- I'd have to set it up for them.
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"Whats mine is yours." Thats what I always say.

That was pretty crappy though, someone definitely should've helped you out with that.
A friend of dad's let me borrow his acoustic bass for an acoustic set my band did at a coffee shop once, but I've never been in a position to where I could have let someone borrow equipment of mine.
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I've lent out my amp several times. I've only lent my guitar once, and it was to a band that I was pretty friendly with. I definitely wouldn't be too quick to hand it over to a stranger.
I once headed home (just like 2 minutes away) and grabbed my Music Man JP6 just for some local band to use when they ended up having trouble with their input jack on theirs and couldn't find anyone elses to borrow/any that weren't 7 strings.

But I guess I just like to be as helpful as possible to anyone. <_<
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Every gig my band gets people (usually support acts or even headliners) ask to use our halfstacks and say they cant afford one, because they are only 15, i had 2 halfstacks by the time i was 15. I'm 16 now and back to one 1/2stack. Recently my band have gotten sick of this (especially since our amps are worth over £1k each) and we are moving our amps so no one can use them.
Even if I had high end gear that I would be reluctant to hand out, I'd still let someone borrow it to finish a set if needed. The other band that had 5 guitars were greedy dicks.
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In my city the headlining band has to provide the drum kit minus snare and cymbals If someone snaps a string then people offer their guitars without you even needing to ask. Maybe my city's just nice.

exactly this.