Does this look like a good deal to you guys? The seller has a 98.8% positive feedback

Can anyone tell me any other helpful things about Bassman amps?
Thanks in advance!
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Pricing chart is down the bottom. Bear in mind that that things isn't the best cosmetically - it looks like it's been rescued from a fire. My guess is that they've re-tolexed it. So knock a few bucks off what it says there at ampwares. It's about right.

I'd say it's a fair price. Silverfaces aren't as sought after as blackfaces and for good reason. Don't be surprised if it needs new filter caps. I would always assume that new power valves are needed at the very least when buying something that old and beat up. Could be a good thing, I'd want to see it in person.
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had one of those back in the early 80s that i used for my amp head at the time. pretty basic unit took pedals fairly well but was limited in what sounds you could get. if you are thinking SRV sounds then you might be disappointed as it really didn't get his sound.