so this guy online is offering an 80s Kramer Striker 600ST for trade.
i have two guitars im willing to part with, whats the kramer worth, because i dont wanna trade it for something much more than its worth

it has a FR2, and the guitar is korean made
A striker isn't going to be worth too much.
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im not sure but i dont think 80s kramers where made in korea, the new ones are though
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my bass player has a 600st his uncle gave him


the floyd is unnusable even after replacing the saddles and nut

the floyd is so terrible we had to replace the saddles because ONE OF THEM BROKE IN HALF. literally.

im pretty certain its made from plywood(as were a lot of the non-american made 80's kramers)

dont let the neptune, NJ on the neck plate fool you, its not american made.

edit: just did some research, the strikers from the 80's started using floyd rose II's and seymour duncan designed pickups(pretty shitty btw) in 88' and the strikers were dicontinued in 89' so its pbviously got to be from 88' or 89'.

i also found this

"Some sources claim early Striker bodies as solid wood although this hasn't been confirmed. Most are laminate and/or plywood manufacture"

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Worth about $150. That Striker has a plywood body and a cheap FR2 trem. Made in Korea as well.
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Don't waste your time with it. Not all the non kramer americans are bad the old focus's from the 80s where great mij axes with ofrs usually and are cheap as hell usually...

The 80s strikers are rubbish though all around plywood rubbish. Some people can find a good one and are quick to defend but thats like getting a good squier bullet.