Right, I'm looking around for a cheap as possible POS Telecaster to play about with and completely tear to pieces when I get bored of it.

So, I've found swiftmusiclondon.com

I was searching on ebay, and came across their ebay shop, but on the site there's more choice, so I looked around on there.

Now, what I wanna know is.. Has anyone heard of them? Are they real, not just some scam after my money and I won't get a guitar?

I know full well they're gonna be shit guitars, but that's not the point, I just wanna know if they're a genuine company or not.

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I'd say invest a little more in a non-"Affinity" model Squier Telecaster. This just looks like they sell extremely shoddy knock-offs which won't have been built to any good standard.

It just takes me back to when my sister bought a 'strat' for £50, and the action was extremely high, intonation awful and it wouldn't stay in tune for toffee.

You'd be much happier with a BoS Squier, IMO. Of course, I don't actually know this shop, so you may as well ignore what I say :p

EDIT: Maybe I missed the point of your post I just wouldn't REALLY trust this website with any amount of money, that's all

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