So I was looking for an amp with more power than my tiny little Blackstar HT-5. It also wasn't giving me the tone I was looking for anymore..

And while I didn't have a lot to spend (<$150), I think I did pretty good for myself. At least enough to keep me occupied until I can sell my Blackstar and buy something better.

So without further adieu.. Here's my 3rd or 4th (Can't remember) NAD for UG. Though some might hate on me for it.

Some grillcloth.. In great condition too.

Oh no.. Line 6? He didn't really..

Built-in effects? Oh god, it's modelling isn't it. Well you're correct..

It's a Flextone II Plus.

More pr0nz, though I'm sure most of you are puking at the sight of the Line 6 logo.

Now normally I would never touch an amp from Line 6 that was under $150 bucks.. But I've always heard good things about the Flextones, and this one popped up on Craigslist for pretty cheap. I was able to talk him down to $140, and it came with the manual & CD. Manual has been really helpful since there's so much you can do with this thing.
When I bought my HT-5, I wasn't really into playing progressive metal or djent-y stuff.. But that's what my playing has evolved to and I believe that's what I'm going to stick to. The Flextone does sound pretty awesome when on the modern hi-gain or Rectified setting. I'm still trying to find a really good djent tone, though. I'm still a n00b when it comes to that.

I've only tried it as a standalone so far, I haven't used my Bad Monkey out front or my 10-band EQ with it. Though I'm almost certain both will help. the 12" speaker is nice, and I'm happy to have a lot more power. Sounds great at low volumes, and I cranked it while I was alone and it still sounded pretty clear, though if the gain is turned up too much or the bass is turned up, it kinda flubs and gets muddy. Good thing I keep my bass low anyways.

Continued in post 2 for the little something extra..
So this is a little something I picked up last November, though I never got around to being able to use it until only a few months ago, due to my general incompetence.. You'll see.

An EMG 707, eh? And that's a tremolo..

Looks sexy. Also my first and only 7.

Ah, an Agile Interceptor Pro 727. This is quite the axe.

Now, the one tiny little downside.

The dude had a tremol-no in there, but he had since lost the pieces to it. it's not big deal, but it's just a little awkward having that bar there. Whatever, I really don't care.

I never really made a NGD for this because I was annoyed at how incompetent I was with it.. But since setting it up, I feel it deserves one.

So I got it 18v modded, which I do like. The tremolo is pretty solid, but I'm not exactly dive bombing or anything, I hate that. I just love the tuning stability. It took me MONTHS to figure out the god damn FR. I was an idiot with them, having never dealt with one. Then one day it just.. Clicked. And I got it. Set it up, and it's been playing great ever since. I have it in standard 7 tuning (BEADGBE) and I'm playing lots of Scale the Summit

I paid $300 for it. Worth any little flaws it could ever have.
Quote by GS LEAD 5
The Flextone is actually quite a good modeller.
Nice Agile too.

I'd say a good deal overall.

Thanks dude. I dig it so far. I've played it for a few hours total already.

Even if I end up not liking it, I'm pretty sure I could sell it for 150 or something. Or trade. Who knows.
Quote by TheAbsentOne
Thanks dude. I dig it so far. I've played it for a few hours total already.

Even if I end up not liking it, I'm pretty sure I could sell it for 150 or something. Or trade. Who knows.

Yeah. Its the Spiders that suck, the rest of Line 6's stuff is quite decent.
God I want an agile so ****ing bad!!!
Flextones are pretty nice amps versatile as hell.
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