Hey there, i'm going to uni next year and I'm thinking about buying an acoustic guitar for there. My price range is relatively low, roughly £200 or 300 dollars). Any recommendations for what I should try out/buy?
I would recommend a Fender T-Bucket. Its around $350-$400 (usa dollars) I would advise you to get an acoustic electric instead of a plain acoustic. They are a little bit more money, but it will benefit you alot if you want to play live with it or something like that.
i wouldn't. a t-bucket is an all laminate guitar and doesn't sound all that good, although it does sound better than some.

you can afford a yamaha solid top guitar - an fg700 (either the s or the ms) http://www.thomann.de/gb/yamaha_fg_700s_nt_matt.htm
will have better tone than the fender and most of the other options in your buget.
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