A few months ago I converted a cheap $99 affinity squier strat into a lap steel guitar by JB welding a 3/8" bolt to the nut and a 5/8" bolt to the bridge(saddles were removed first). After playing on it a while the bridge bolt weld broke.

How can I get the bridge to become non-floating or Fixed so the string tension doesn't pull the bridge up to a 45 degree angle? I have 5 springs on the claw and the two screws are screwed in as tight as I can get them. (maybe 3/8" of the screw shaft exposed).

Tuning this thing with a floating bridge is a pain in the ass because the guitar is not setup for the string gauge I am using nor the tuning I am using (E7+9). If I could somehow fix the bridge I could tune each string and it would not affect the other strings which would not pull the bridge up and would not break the weld. Any Ideas???
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Block the bridge?
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Get a piece of metal, bend it up on one side, drill holes, and put some saddles in it?