Hi folks at GG and A,

I was about to play my ENGL Screamer 50 combo, I had just finished warming up the tubes as usual for about a minute, and I flicked the standby switch up... and then suddenly, after about 5 seconds, I heard an electrical crackling noise, which was fairly loud, followed by the amp switching off... the amp won't power back on again, which is clear to my the fuse has been blown out... and obviously there's something wrong... what makes me really worried is that it now smells of burning plastic all around my room I am going to take it to a technician, but for now, why has this happened and what will need fixing?


on a more serious note - hope everything will be alright, thats a nice amp

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Lol, thanks :P well yeah maybe, I was thinking of buying another amp sometime in the future so maybe my amp is showing my bad karma for thinking such things... D:
I'll take a gander and say something in your power section is gone. Tubes, transformers... I dunno. I wouldn't turn it back on though, burning plastic + electronics = bad. Take it to a tech, but if you can take a look at the inside* you may find your problem.

*Keep in mind doing this can be quite dangerous, touch NOTHING on the circuitboard.
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