Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, there is a guitar technique one but no bass technique so I put it here.

Anyways, I'm learning the song Saint Veronika by Billy Talent on the bass.


That one.

There is a bridge kind of thing in the middle of the song, where the bass gets pretty intense. I'm wondering if you would pull off to hit the open string, or just fingerpick through the whole thing.

The part I am talking about comes in after the chorus at 1:50 min in.

This is the tablature.


The part is about halfway down the page, right after it says
"Bridge: (At the start if this, give your hand a shake, and relax your
fingers for what's coming up)"

Thank you.
The bassist plays straight sixteenth notes the entire time. If you play that on your right hand and press down the appropriate frets you should be fine.

Don't pull off to hit the open string, I'd say its actually harder to do that and it wouldn't sound right.
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what he said. it looks and sounds like a pretty standard metal line. just 16th's and press the frets lol me though, i probably wouldnt play this...but if i were id prolly just fret with 2 fingers and go up the neck and repeat lol
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How would I play that? Probably slowly and badly.

Like the guy said though, play it strictly and it'll sound better. Don't pull-off, pluck every note etc