Just wrote and recorded this. Went for a rocky sound but gets heavy at the end. I tried a new Cab on my emulator to get a thicker tone. Dunno if it's thicker but it's rockier.

Give it a look on my profile http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/stephen_rettie/ please .

C4C of course, just leave me the track you want me to crit!
I dunno if its me, or some of those notes in the lead have a flat sound to me. However; your chord progression is cool. I like it, its nice and not too heavy, but heavy enough. Would definitely benefit from some vocals though!

All in all, pretty good

By the way, how did you record those drums?

Also C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1451665
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Sound good !

Ezdrummer for drum?... Im sure of it !

It's well masterised i really like your riff at 0:54 !

Sometime your vibrato seem out of key a bit too... wide?... Not sure about the term.
Tone was good ! I guess you used a DAW with TSS?...

I can't hear bass... ? You should really add it if you don't have some in your mix. Just take a software to make it pass from MIDI to a average MP3 quality... It's easy trust me and it could really improve it. If you tell me that there's bass than crank the volume i really don't hear it haha !

Overall good job ! Feel free to PM about your future work i'll comment for sure !

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Sound good !

Ezdrummer for drum?... Im sure of it !

I can't hear bass... ?

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By the way, how did you record those drums?

Yep I used EZdrummer Drumkit from Hell. Great piece of kit. There is sadly no bass but I think I'll borrow a friend's because I agree it lacks some oomph. I use Guitar Rig for all of my recording and emulators are not very thick. I agree the lead is a bit thin when it counts which is a shame. Thanks for the Crit guys! I'll C back right now!