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Yes, absolutely. Why has this not been suggested before?!
13 76%
It is a good idea, but I wouldnt benefit or use it.
4 24%
No, its a bad idea.
0 0%
Voters: 17.
Would you guys benefit from the use of a.forum app for smartphones? I like to check ou5 the forums if im bored somewhere where I don't have access to a computer. But using the full browser version of the site can be really slow and inconvenient, a simplified app with easy and quick access to the forums would be amazing. I want to suggest this to the UG team but I'd like to be able to support it with your opinions too.
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I'd definately use it. I use my phone more than my computer
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I'd use it, but it's been suggested so many times.

Has it? The searchbar takes too long on my phone
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I'd love it since I never use a computer to browse the site. Needs to be free though.
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All they have to do is install the tapatalk plug in and we would have exactly that. I use use tapatalk to get to other forums I visit but UG doesn't want to do it for some reason.

And with this new money-hungry UG I thought they would have done that already and made an app to sell like the XDA developers site has.

Android version
iphone version
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I was actually just thinking about this the other day. I do alot of work at country shows etc and when I am on my break I like to check out UG and the forums especially! So if we could have either an app or a mobile site then I would be very happy!
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Doesn't seem to be much intrest, which surprises me.
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