Ok ignore the title. I've got one of 'em classic DS-1's lying around and I figured, maybe I could use it. So I've got a mean ass Fender Hot Rod amp which gets pretty dirty with the drive full up but the tone is kinda muddy and definition is a little lacking so I figured maybe use the DS-1 in front to brighten it up. However I've had some nasty experiences where running a distortion pedal in front of a dirty amp has only resulted in nasty splatters of noise similar to when someone is big on laxatives.
Any tips on how to brighten up and add a bit of top end to my already dirty amp without killing my tone?
a boost would work great, but you would want some type of overdrive or boost other than a DS-1. Unless you mod it, I doubt you'll find much use for it. Can you get something else or are you stuck with the Ds-1?
Well, the only suggestion I have, is grab yourself 35 bucks, go to guitar center, and get MXR classic overdrive.
You could probably tweak an EQ pedal to add brightness and maybe tighten up your amp.
Sell the DS-1 and Metal-zone. Get $80 (all being well on ebay etc.) get a MXR eg or/and a OD like a TS9 or a bad monkey. The DS-1 is too hot to be a booster IMO.
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get the DS-1 or Metalzone modded and then use it on the clean channel. It will sound better then the drive channel on the hot rod which imo is absolutely terrible.
There's a simple mod for the DS-1 to make it more of a boost. The tone knob will make it go from clean to treble boost. Just remove D5 and D6. You can lift one end of each. If you don't solder, you can take some wire clippers and just cut them out of there.