So I thought I'd keep the good folks of UG updated on what I'm up to these days. Well, those who give a shit anyway, which probably isn't many hah.

Anyways, this is my new(ish) band The Furys so cruise on over and have a listen if you care to

We are not a metal band, not even a little, so if you're a "anything but metal is gay" kinda guy, save yourself a mouse click.

Lucky for you, I happened to have been browsing around for "anything but metal" to listen to on the forum. Too much of the stuff these days.

Anyway, I went to you guys music page and had a listen.

"Fashion Queen" the guitar had a real Strokes vibe to it. Very good tone. The song was pretty catchy too.

"Have to change" had these eerie 90s Match Box Twenty essence to it. Overall, it was a very good song. Probably my favorite. I just really liked the feeling I got from it.

"A chorus for all of us" I liked the driving force that this song had. Especially when the distorted guitars kick in. The bass is awesome. The breakdown was interesting with the acoustic guitar. I was kind of expecting a solo after it. Have you guys thought about adding a few solos to anything? Might sound kind of cool.

I look forward to hearing more from you guys.

My bands page is in my sig. Check us out if you get the chance. Our thread is floating around here somewhere too.
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There are a few solo-ish leads in parts of song on our CD, only one 'proper' solo, I would like to do a bit more soloing but at the moment since we're a one guitar band it's a bit hard to pull it off live with no 2nd guitar to step in and fill out the sound.

Thanks for the feedback man, I'm at work at the moment so can't listen to your stuff just at the minute but will check it out when I get home