Got any interesting techniques/tips you want to post/share?

Sometimes when I play slide, I'll go off the fretboard and make my own 27th fret and stuff(a lot of electric slide players might already know this one).

Killswitch(Tom Morello) Turn one pickup's volume to zero, and keep the other on. Use the pickup selector to switch between the two and create a killswitch.

Your turn! BTW, anyone here know how to pick crazy fast like Jack White?
He does it at 49 seconds

Thanks for sharing!
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i think most people know this but to bend or vibrato an open note u can just squeeze behind the nut on the string.

locking nuts.
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You dont need to bend behind the nut with a trem.

haha yeah.
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Edit. Im on warning already.... Lol.

Trick- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wr62Dvd32k

Damn, beat me to it!

Theres that thing that Ive seen some guys do ( I think its an EVH trick ) where you do a little open string pull off lick (eg the e B and G strings, descending the E blues scale in open position) and instead of picking you lightly slide the side of your picking hand over your pickups, producing some nice harmonics. Im about as good at doing this one as I am at clearly explaining it unfortunately

Something I do like to do, especially if im soloing without a pick, is to lightly place my pointer finger of my picking hand somewhere on the string over the pickups and pluck with my thumb. You gotta shift it around a bit to find a decent harmonic but when you do you can try play a melody or a scale while using these harmonics by trying to move your picking/harmonicing hand up and down the string relative to the fret you are playing (thankfully I am better at performing this trick than explaining it lol). Even when you misjudge it and end up with some weird harmonics it can still sound cool.

p.s. I accidently pushed the power off button on my computer after typing those paragraphs and was surprised to find that when i switched back on my browser remembered what i wrote so i didnt have to re-type gotta love technology
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You dont need to bend behind the nut with a trem.
Unless it's a fixed bridge... but if it has fine tuners like a fixed Edge III-8, you can press down hard on the saddle to bend open notes quite a bit.
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put your high e string under your frets and it makes a crazy high ass noise thats what kirk does in them master solo in 89' cause he didnt use a whammy. Anyway if you have good ears also if you have a fixed bridge do a pinch harmonic then tune up or down then back to E. I see gilbert do that (minus the harmonic),

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