So I'll be coming into some money soon (new job) and I'm looking for a decent guitar in the £300 - £600 area, I play mostly metalcore, post hardcore and I've been getting into djent. I play through a fender mustang v into a bugera 412 cab. I don't really like radical shapes and I have other guitars that can handle other genres and tunings so no worries there.

24 frets (I only have 22 fret guitars so far)
Some sort of trem system
superstrat or lp shape

Cheers guys

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Sounds like an LTD would work great for you, maybe an M400? I don't have much of anything in the way of experience with LTDs, but I've never heard anything bad about them and they seem to be good for more modern metal.
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^^^LTD's would be perfect and there are alot in that price range. (doesn't meet all reqs) but check out the PRS SE Custom. I tried one a few days ago and it blew all my guitars away. It was through a Hot Rod Deluxe so that was probably the reason. But the playability on the Custom was nice.
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PRS SE custom 24 is the first thing that comes to mind but there are other guitars that will work

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schecter c1 hellraiser. ive got it and it is perfect for the style you r looking for. the actives really make it that much better and the coil split makes it a little more versatile. this guitar just feels amazing and has a beautiful tone to it