So iv'e been playing guitar for 2 years (one for classical and one for electric) and I'm pretty mediocre at both but i enjoyed the learning experience so i decided it's time to take my practice more seriously, i expanded my practice hours and took a more disciplined approach. But the thing is when i start to practice i get tensed up and can't sit still, especially my legs. I know this sounds stupid and childish but this is really frustrating me. Before i decided to take practice more seriously i would just play whenever i felt like it (like once every two days) i want to put in 3 hours a day but i can barely get past 20 minutes before i get extremely frustrated. Anyone else has/had this problem? Any ideas on how to cope?
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Whenever I practise, usually to a metronome, I walk around rather than stay still
Dunno why it just makes it less dull
Damn Restless Leg Syndrome, always ****in with people legs and shit...

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the best way i do monotonous practice is to memorise whatever im doing and play it while watching the tv or the computer. im actually playing scales between surfing the web now and watching CSI. I do have adhd tho lol.
to be honest, if its a focus thing your having, then try not focusing 100% on the guitar. watch a movie, youtube, tv whatever (whilst practicing). i was the exact same and it took me some weening before i could sit and play for hours straight. this was because i had attention problems.

also get up every 15 minutes. just get up and walk a bit.
You think that's bad, you should try sitting still at the dentist's office.
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You think that's bad, you should try sitting still at the dentist's office.

dude... have a prostate exam. you wont sit still for a month.
I didn't even realise restless leg syndrome was a thing, I'm pretty sure I have it, I'm rocking my leg up and down as I type, it feels uncomfortable/weird not to.
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