so i want the line 6 pocket pod because all my friends say its pretty sweet for its price. but my money goes other places right now. i can only get the pocket pod express. i dont rerally have a sound yet. i just want to kind of explore till i find what im really into. so i basically want to know what the difference is and if either of them are even worth the money in your opinion. thanks for all info on this.
I'd prefer getting the Digitech rp90 or rp155. They both are $100 new and have some great tones in them. The rp90 comes with a built in expression pedal, but the rp155 does not. The rp155 does sound a little better and also has a looper, so it's your choice. Also, ask your question to fly135, he knows a lot about mfx units.

You can also look at the Digitech rp55, which is only $60.
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