Might as well ask about this one too

Anyone know what kind of bridges these are?
Bigby. They're an old style tremolo.
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My bad. Bigsby*
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The bridge is I think a normal Paul style bridge, while it's only the tail piece thats wierd and different. It's called a Bigsby vibrato arm. Just a vintage tremolo. A tailpiece that can change pitch.
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IMO the do a better job of looking nice than thier function. all you can get (this should be obvious) is a little bit of flutter here and there, can't go that far in either way, not saying you have to with a LP, and from my experiance go out of tune relitively quickly.
The bridge type is an old archtop type, kinda like a violin bridge in that the strings hold it to the body. The tailpiece is, as mentioned before, a Bigsby vibrato.
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I love my Bigsby's. I've had no tuning issues
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Wow, I didn't know that the bigsby was considered the bridge... Not the tremolo/tailpiece you bafoons, THE BRIDGE!

I don't think it's a normal LP style bridge, isn't that a tune o matic? Those are definitely not ToM's in those guitars.
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It was answered in post #7 you twat. The entire assembly is referred to as the bridge. If you actually included anything in your post other than the pictures, maybe someone would have been able to ascertain what you were talking about.
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doods never seen an archtop bridge before.

also the tailpiece is part of the bridge.

otherwise strats would have no bridges.

obvious man's job here is done.
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