Okay some of you might remember me posting about not being able to use my 2nd and 3rd finger when fingerpicking. Anyway, I'm not gonna rant about that. I accepted it, and decided I would just use my thumb and 1st finger, which can actually work fine for the type of fingerstyle I want to play (mainly blues) and was actually going ok for a while. But as you may have guessed what Im gonna say, I'm now developing problems with this way of picking, and getting a lot of tension in my wrist. Thats all of my fingers, gone bit by bit.

Should I stop wasting time trying to solve this which may very well be impossible when I could be spending more time practicing with a pick? I kind of dont see any other option now at this stage, and I'm also worried that the more I try and work on it, the more tension I'll cause my wrist and hand which could affect my playing with a pick, which in turn could end my guitar playing
That seems a bit extreme to me. If you're having troubles with tension in your wrist you're obviously doing something wrong technique wise which in turn, is probably contributing to the fact that you cannot use all you're fingers. I would suggest re-learning finger style from scratch. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to learn correctly with practice.
Well I hope you've seen a doctor.

Nonetheless theres two very easy ways to bring this to a conclusion.

1. Get a teacher. A good teacher will correct any technique issues that cause tension.
2. If you cant do #1, post a video of yourself playing and link it in the technique analysis sticky. Theres some good teachers that frequent the thread.
Ok, seems like you programmed your muscles to play while being really tense.

Best way it to restart at 40bpm and go slowly. Think about each finger and remember to relax as much as you can. If there's still tension at that speed, then see a doctor...

Also, don't forget to stretch your arms and warm-up for at least 10min (that might help)
Thanks for the replies. I think I might see a doctor, although I dont think it will help much
one Maybe look at some videos on fingerpicking to try to see what comprises good technique? Without a teacher to make sure you're doing it right, spotting yourself and watching lessons online is the next best thing.

Here's one I found. The uploader usually has pretty legit stuff. If nothing else, you get to watch a pretty woman talk guitar to you for a couple of minutes.
Quote by mmnohmygod
Thanks for the replies. I think I might see a doctor, although I dont think it will help much

Oh but it will. So very many of your threads seem health related.