Hey guys.

I've mainly been playing electrics and now it's time to buy an acoustic.

I'm looking at Guilds, Gibsons, and martins at around the 1000-1200 range. Maybe I can stretch it out to 1500.

I'm also willing to go used. I'll be in the LA/Orange county, CA area.

Can you guys give me some suggestions for models.

If this helps, I'll be playing a lot of indie music and lots of Blues/slide.

Thanks in advanced.
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if you're in l.a., why not head out to mccabe's in santa monica? they usually have a good sized selection of eastmans - amazingly good quality, great tone, all solid, many in your price range in a variety of sizes, all over $500 with gorgeous finishes - usually a variety of blueridges including all solid 000's, dreads, parlors and some solid tops, as well, and some recording kings. they also have martins and taylors, various godins - seagull, art &B lutherie, simon & patrick - and other usual suspects. they usually have a few guilds, too - a few dreads and at least 1 GAD-m20.
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Save some cash and buy an Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500. You could use the leftover money to add a high quality pickup like I did to mine, well worth it!
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