For a while now, I've been wanting a new bass to record and play with, and maybe eventually join a band as a bass player (I've been a guitarist for 6 years). I only had a pawn shop bass I bought for 100 bucks 5 or 6 years ago, and it's now covered in rust and there isn't a living screw on it---though it was like that when I bought it.

So I found this one =) It's a Fender Jazz Bass (MIM) that I paid 350$ for. Around here, it's a very great deal, they retail for 6-700 bucks at stores =D

Now, for a proper review:

It's in an insanely good condition for a 2002-2003 bass. there's a tiny ding on the D string tuning peg and a slight scratch on the 18th fret. That's it.
The bass feels great and sounds very good, better than I actually expected. However, the neck feels kind of sticky, which is something that I find recurring on gloss-finished necks.
The covers were installed by the previous owner. In my opinion, they look BADASS. However, the one on the neck pickup makes playing kind of awkward

Unplugged, the bass is effing loud. I mean, it's louder than any of my electric guitars, including my hollowbody Gretsch. And that's something.

I'd like to clean the neck (not the fretboard), is there anything I can use to do so? Something anyone would already have in my house if possible, since I just spent pretty much all my budget hahaha

(Oh, and these are the pictures taken by the seller, I don't actually have a camera)
I've never actually seen one of these before, and I don't typically like fenders but its actually really nice. You got a damn good deal too.

Enjoy it! I may have to consider checking one of these out
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Thats a sexy bass
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So I just played on it for like 30 minutes...
I am so glad I bought it, it sounds godly, and feels so good... Can't believe I missed that for so many years with the other Samick...

And the covers make it so good looking =D
It came with a gig bag too, which made it an even better deal hahaha :-)

Kelly, I definitely agree, you should check it out
HNBD! Looks really awesome! Very interesting color.
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Nice Color!

HNBD too you!
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HNBD! Neat color. You don't see many of those with the pickup covers, either. Nice addition to the collection. Enjoy it!
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Very, very sexy beauty you have there my friend, and a damn good deal to.

Man i want a P bass like that.
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Nice! I've always like them in that colour and the covers look great. Are you playing between them or on the neck side?
For now, all my knobs are set to 10, I'm just fiddling with it and getting more familiar, but eventually, it will most likely change :P

I just came home from work, about to play with it for real through my Fender blackface Bassman, it's supposed to be a bass amp after all...
Kudos on the chrome my man
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