Hello forums seekers, Right now this band we have together, has three people. A rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, and a drummer. We really need a bassist and a lyricist. We live in Indiana, In the richmond area. We prefer to play somesort of metal. But we are covering anything from Misfits to Nirvana, Metallica to Puddle of Mudd. and much more. We also write our own music. What we have written is like Melodic Metal? It is almost good enough to make you want to cry we think lol. But preferrably we need someone that can write some good lyrics. So if anyone in the Richmond area of Indiana would like to be in a band, try to get a hold of me. If you want, leave a message on this post and i can give you my phone number or something if thats the case.
I don't live in the area, but I am willing to be an "off-site lyricist" if you will. I can help write songs if need be. Lemme know.
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