I recently join the band. 10 years of absence to play the guitar....

Anyway, I am currently thinking to buy some effectors to make the sound of Smooth Criminal cover by Alien Ant Farm.

Does anyone know what kind of compact effectors can make such sound?
I am wondering BOSS Mega Distortion will work or not. Any recommendation on Boostor?

The budget is not much. So no choice to purchase amps.
Amps that I use will be the basic ones set in our studio like Marchall JCM2000 or Roland JC-120.

We also play like Linkin Park songs, so hope that I can use effectors to play their songs, too.
I've seen them in concert a couple times, and I agree with darkwolf291, I don't think I see them using any sort of pedal for that song.
alien ant farm is using what sounds like a fairly heavy distortion on top of some heavier palm muting for hte intro. i think they get their sound a little more unique like that beacuse the bass is almost pushing thru more than the guitar. linkin park i think just uses a nice overdrive so you could just put a tubescreamer in front of the amp and try for a nice tone from it.

im sure if you were to google these things u can find complete pedal boards, amp settings, and pedal settings for these guys
Thanks everyone. I try to boost JCM to make sound of alien ant farm. I have tubescreamer so try to put it in front of the amp to make the sound of linkin park.
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They use Dual Rectos like everyone else of that era... You want a Dr. Boogie pedal. Look them up on youtube. You can buy them in a variety of places or build it yourself.