AN: Hey guys, I wrote this song with the beat in mind, and I hope that you guys can recognize it as easily as I can when I look at these lyrics. Also, there is no chorus (yet), so these are all verses. C4C. Enjoy!

Why can’t I, just make any sense?
Is there a prick in my tongue
That makes me sound like this?
In my head I’m sitting there
And you’re smiling across the street
At a boy you’ll never meet
At a boy you’ll never meet

Having a conscience is a curse
A sickness of the head
It’s lying there in bed
And wishing you were dead
With your favorite secrets
And your sad lullabies
It’s a melody that sounds like this
Come on, we have to try

You may not believe it
You’re not required too
Just tilt your head and prick your ears
And soon we’ll follow suit
I’m sorry that it took so long
I was never one for writing songs
And now we’re living one
And now we’re living one

Too many questions without answers
I don’t know where to start
Whats your favorite movie?
Are you interested in art?
I’ll never know the story
I’ll never have a key
I’ve got the missing pages
Let’s fill them in with ink

She refused to answer
She just turned away
All the notes I wrote and sang
Don’t mean a thing anyway
I’ll never understand
I’ll never be the one
Until my confidence is done
Until my confidence is done

Count yourself among the lucky few
Who know her laugh and love her smile
And are allowed to follow through
None of it will ever reach me
None of it should
I’m a biased joke away
From ****ing sainthood
Too lazy to come up with a clever or relevant sig.