Although I've been playin for a good while, I've never really OWNED my own guitar. Ones I've been using have been either my uncles or friends. But now that I've graduated, and with the support of family. Together they're are helping me purchase my first guitar. After much browsing I've come across alot of fantastic guitars. But my choices have been narrowed down to the Fender Jaguar Special Edition HH, A Fender Telecaster with the same Black and Chrome finish, and an Epiphone Wilshire Limited Edition Aged Pelham.

My favorite color has ALWAYS been green, and the Epihone plays well. So it's kinda won it's spot as my favorite. But it's currently hard to find, even on the web. Sucks because it's SOOO affordable.

The Telecaster is nice & affordable. I love it. Looks badass with that dope black and chrome. I don't know the exact specifications for it. But Apparently they don't manufacture them anymore like the Epiphone. I've played with it for a couple hours and it feels wonderful.

Fender Jaguar Special Edition HH. I'm pretty sure alot of you know about this beast already. I've gotten some one on one time with this one and just like the other two, played very well. A little on the expensive side, but I hear it's worth it. Which I believe. Has a weighted bottom apparently, so it's a bit heavy. Not too much of a bother though.

So what do you guys think??
budget? style? other gear?

personally i would reccomend against the fender HH because they dont have all that great of a tone. will definately be able to find something if u give us a budget.

i play a schecter and and fell in love with it from the moment i picked it up. for affordability i would suggest either epiphone or ibanez. i lean more toward ibanez only because some of the epiphone necks feel awful to me and just r wicked tough to play on
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Is there a guitar store of some kind close to you? The bigger the better.
Whilst they are all decent enough instruments I cannot recommend enough going to a store and trying out pretty much everything in your budget. Yuo may be surprised by an instrument you hadn't previously considered.

My example being that when I hit London in search of a cherry-burst Gibson Les Paul in the early '90s I headed to over 15 shops over the course of a long weekend. I tried out various LPs and asked for recommendations from some of the guys in store. I had been holding out for a cherry-burst LP since getting into Led Zeppelin and, later, Guns N' Roses. My preference was for brand new.
I returned home with a 1981 wine red Custom LP, which served me well for about 10 years, the only reason I got rid of it was, y'know, food and a roof over my head. I've learned from my mistakes, these days.
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its gonna be kinda tricky to find something amazing. i managed $450 for a used schecter and it was practically brand new. look around and try and find something used, u can get some really good deals that way. maybe try an ibanez art series?