G'day pit,

Im just looking for some advice for tapping over 4 strings. Part of a solo I just wrote goes like:


I cannot play it clean atm, when I change strings I crindge at my failness. Any constructive advice will be appreciated
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work on your muting. simple as that.

also that looks like something you should be easily able to play without tapping.
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I like having it tapped because the next phase is tapped and just flows better for me.

Cheers for the muting advice, some practice should clean it up
Dig a tunnel of light through ignorant walls
Actually, if you picked only the first note of each of those runs, you could have a perfectly smooth transition to a tapping part. That's just some three not per string pull-offs. No need for tapping. If you wanted to do two-hand tapping there, I would recommend practicing it slowly with massive amounts of gain so that you can practice the Hell out of your muting technique.