hello, Im considering buying these pickups as i play music like electric wizard, kyuss, sleep, high on fire, melvins, ufomammut, and isis. I have about 3 questions. Please bare with me...

1. I am playing out of an epiphone g400. do I need f spaced or regular? I think I need regular...can someone clarify this with me?

2. The dimarzio's are like 60 some bucks. Does only one pickup come with that? or is there two like a set?

3. Should I have two dimarzio super distortion pickups in my guitar. or should I have two different pickups. ex. emg. neck, Super dist. bridge. I like the idea of two of the same pickups. but will that give me the same tone twice? or will the positions alter the tone?

Idk, im lost....can anyone give me some insight please?

Oh and I just bought a Boss Fz-2 hyper fuzz! Ya you're jelly!
1. I can't really help you with that...

2. It's 60 for one pickup, I don't believe they come in sets.

3. I'd recommend using a different pickup for the neck. Super Distiortions aren't really that great neck pups. It will sound different from the one in the bridge though, it'll be slightly more bassy and have a little less output.

Hope that helped a bit ^^'
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1 no idea
2 60 for one
3 i woudnt put it in the neck and putting an emg(active) woud be very annoying with a passive pup) and putting it(sd) in the neck would make it mor ebasy and have more output
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1) Measure the distance between the low E and high E string (from the center of the strings) - if the distance is less than 50mm then you go with a regular, if it's greater than 50mm you go with f-spaced.
I am 99% sure you'll need a regular spaced pickup
2) What previous posters said
3) Get a different pickup for sure..personally I am a massive fan of the DiMarzio Liquifire. I got that coupled with a Super Distortion in my Les Paul. Liquifire gives you a really smooth lead tone and cleans that are beyond amazing. Middle position with both SD+LF makes for an even more amazing clean.
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